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go japan

2009-04-01 20:03:52 by Los-Illuminados



CaramellDansen Singer

2008-08-05 20:34:24 by Los-Illuminados

hey guys im looking for a female singer to do my version of "CaramellDansen" i already have the unvocalized one up and the lyrics are in english dont worry =3

if you are interested, pm me and ill send you the edited version (the pitch would be lower so i can modify your voice) and ill send you the lyrics.

thanks! i know this might be a hard task (which makes it almost impossible for me to find any singers from my friends -_-) but you'll get it! ^.^

CaramellDansen Singer

Piano Improvisions

2008-07-02 15:02:10 by Los-Illuminados

Hey guys ive been thinking of making a new kind of thing that i might start doing, Piano Improvs! when ever i'm on the piano, i sort of play randomness and most of that randomness leads me to my songs i have now. well this time, i decided to record my improvisions! now i'll be showing everyone what goes behind the scenes of my music. so as i'm recording, i will be playing as much as i possible can improvise without being TOO repetitive. you can notice the little improvision marks and mistakes in the songs but hey, i learn from my errors. check my news posts for any new additions!

Song Making Freeze >.<

2008-04-21 21:05:33 by Los-Illuminados

Hey guys, i am making random loops! although...they arent the kind of loops i should post. this is why i need everyones help to make a song! so im accepting requests from the first 10 or so comments and if u pick a song that i know and/or like, ill find out the keys and stuff and ill attempt to make it as best as i can! ^.^ i hope u guys know which songs to pick.